Image Credit: Gilbert Garcia for Celltoo

Image Credit: Gilbert Garcia for Celltoo

I’ve never been great with introductions, so I’ll just get this out of the way: My name is Nathaniel Mott, and I’m going to be writing “the Mobile Game,” the new Celltoo blog devoted to the technology sector.

Let’s hope none of you read that and pictured me sitting in a group, eating a stale donut, and getting ready to confess a long list of writing-related sins. (Breaking the fourth wall — first item on the list.)

The idea is to write two things here each month. They will vary in length, but for the most part I’m a fan of brevity; no point asking someone to suffer through 1,500 words when just 500 are required. The subjects will change, too, though I’ll probably end up focusing a lot on products and repairability.

I can tell you a little bit about myself. The first thing is that I’ve been writing about tech since 2011, and in that time I’ve done everything from startup news to software reviews at a variety of publications. My hope is to be a little more personal — and a lot less stuffy — with the writing I do for this little weblog.

The second thing to know about me is that I’m not the biggest fan of effusive writing. There’s so much cheerleading in this part of the Internet that it can become tiresome for a not-quite-cynic like me. If you love tech, and believe criticism is the best way to express that love, we’ll probably get along fine.

And the third thing is that I approach this as both a writer and reporter. Some posts will require some research; others will be based on my own life. Again: this will probably be a little more personal than my work for other outlets. Expect a lot of my own voice backed up by a fair amount of research, interviews, and potentially-edifying anecdotes.

Beyond that, I just want to point out that nothing I say here necessarily reflects the opinions of Celltoo or the other companies (un)fortunate enough to pay me to tap on a keyboard for a few hours every day. This is just me, unfiltered, and my opinions should not be misconstrued as being representative of my employers’ ideas. (Legal will be happy this is here.)

So that’s me. If you want to reach out to me with story ideas, please do so on Twitter, where I can be reached at @nathanielmott. I’ll be honest: I don’t read most of the unsolicited emails that come into my personal email address, so if you’re thinking of pitching me ideas there, just save your digital ink.