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Author / Nathaniel Mott

Let people use their gadgets during the holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time when people from all over the country join each other in honoring childhood traditions. Turkeys are cooked, presents are wrapped, and egg nog starts to line the shelves of supermarkets. Having these small celebrations of being alive during the bleakest months of the year — who likes being cold, […]

I love the new Apple TV for one reason: Its remote

I ordered the new Apple TV as soon as I could. Some might think this makes me a fanboy willing to purchase anything with Apple’s bite-marked fruit logo on its chassis. Others will remember that I’ve been looking to replace the PS4 my wife and I have been using as a media center for a […]

The week I realized I don’t really own my iPhone, or anything on it

Earlier this week, I argued over at Gigaom that Apple’s ability to censor Apple News based on a user’s location brings highlights the fleeting nature of digital content. But censoring Apple News doesn’t only say something about owning digital media — it also says something about the concept of ownership as it relates to hardware […]

Microsoft turns the page with its Surface Book

Microsoft has a habit of introducing new products before the market is ready for them. It developed some of the first tablets, but they fizzled out before the iPad came along. It popularized the concept of having an interactive home screen on smartphones with Windows Phone, but that platform is so unpopular it led Nokia […]

Google’s sickly-sweet Nexus products

Google announced some new products earlier this week. They’re a lot like their predecessors: cheaper than most other devices; built around the Android operating system; and just attractive enough to make people consider buying one of them instead of a competitive product from Apple. But I doubt that will be enough to make them popular. […]

Welcome to the Mobile Game

I’ve never been great with introductions, so I’ll just get this out of the way: My name is Nathaniel Mott, and I’m going to be writing “the Mobile Game,” the new Celltoo blog devoted to the technology sector. Let’s hope none of you read that and pictured me sitting in a group, eating a stale […]